Nov 25, 2014

Space Ravager: Finished

Now you can own this over-sized ode to EC COMICS! I've got giclee prints for sell in my store for you. I couldn't be happier about how they turned out. Stunning color on a beautifully textured surface.

Check it out, my people.


Aug 2, 2014

THE PROCESS: Inking Old-School

The first in a series of tutorials I'm hoping to share. Probably better to play it through YouTube.


Jun 25, 2014


Knowing when to bail on a concept because it misses the original intent and execution is a good thing. Better to get it in the next one...and avoid going down that illustration rabbit hole. :|


Jun 22, 2014

BLOODSHOT! s k e t c h

Just read a script from a friend of mine and didn't know squat about this character beforehand. Kind of fun to draw.


Jun 18, 2014

Bacon. Bringing it Home.

Trying to some new techniques in look development stuff. Fun experiments still want to play more...and bigger.


Jun 4, 2014

Space Ravager: The Rough Stuff

A lot of what I do goes through an annoying amount of iteration. I say annoying because it speaks to either my indecisiveness or vast want to try everything I know about illustration and design. I don't have a GO-TO for problem-solving. The idea around this piece was to design something for one of my favorite inkers to ink. I contacted him, talked about it, finished it and sent it to him. Two years later, he sent it back uninked. He said it was too daunting...oh well.

It also gave me two years to think about how I would ink I did. And you'll soon see the results of this.
Stay tuned...

Also... I may be doing some nicer fine art prints! Would that be of interest to anyone?
Still working out the details of that. :)


May 30, 2014

Everyday Monsters

Just a couple sketches of things that I was thinking of at one time or another. And this is post 550. Crazy, huh?


May 26, 2014


I worked on this game a few years ago which had a nice look to it but never really took off. It gave me a chance to work in a different style, and in a different way which was all kinds of fun. Though a tedious process I think I learned to embrace Illustrator as a drawing tool more than I ever had.

This was for a level that was about Sherlock Holmes. It reminded me of a Mad Magazine spread where you got to stuff all kinds of funny bits in every corner of the illustration.

We also worked on Rudyard Kipling, too. These Jungle Book layouts were the culmination of a few artists and were a lot of fun to boot!


May 21, 2014

Seattle Times Frontpage Sort Of...

Following a much depressing headline...our fearless VP Mike Frazzini stands in front of my robot paintings in the great halls of Amazon Game Studios.

The cropping is killing me though, that tangent at the top is merciless.

Then I'm reminded of the veterans...sheesh, what a mess.


May 20, 2014

Naked Naked Naked!

 ...And silhouettes for character designs. Always good practice whenever I can get to it.


May 16, 2014

Layout for Animation

I had a fun time doing layouts for another painter to work on. I had to work with an animator to figure out what was needed in the scene. What's cool about this kind of work is that it always feels like a quiet moment before something big happens. I can see why painters and layout artists could get into this kind of work.

 The finishes turned out fantastic, better than I had hoped but in the end it didn't get used. Which seems to be a common theme in games. Especially the ones I work on. No...really, it's notmyfault!


May 12, 2014

The Power of INK!

Here I am again, throwing down more work that I rarely get to show. This blog is a mixed bag of EVERYTHING I do. When it was a single just confused the hell out of people. They didn't know WHAT I DID.

Frankly, I do everything that interests me, so I don't need to depend on others. If I can do it well, then all the better. A few years back we were going to name the studio I worked at Ink Big Studios. The logos poured in from everyone. It was a good time...until the deadline came up and then we had to get seriously down in it.

My friend Bill McGuire came up with the cool little Octopus dude...I ran with it and tried several options before landing on the topmost one. Which was changed to Ink Big Games to clarify it even more. We were trying to convey fun, artistic integrity and a sense of handmade craft. In the end we didn't use it at all.

 These are some of the ones that got away. No big deal, still fun overall and it game me a chance to do some cartooning.