Apr 18, 2014

St...st...Star Wars Storyboards!

I was originally hired to do storyboards for the Star Wars Kinect team, but when I joined there was no script. So they had me paint some concept work which was fine. Though the job was supposed to last no more than a week. The producer on the second day of working said, "I hope this game fails. Because I never want to do this again." His honesty was alarming and I wondered what I was getting myself into.
Five weeks later I get a some script and banged out a few boards. I also met the Art Director briefly for the first time. The whole while I'd been working with a friend, who was also a concept designer who'd got me on board. It was a trippy gig that I am surprised got out the door. 

Thankfully a small taste of Star Wars went a very long way.


Apr 15, 2014

The Star Wars

 Some rough concepts I did for Star Wars Kinect a few years back. Most people are used to seeing "marketing concept" art that is polished and beautiful, but in many cases this is all that Art Directors and lighting artists really need.

 Oddly enough this was when I was getting a better sense of working in Photoshop for most of my concept work. Mainly so I wasn't hassled about leaving original art behind.

 These were preliminaries for a much tighter painting that I ended up not liking at all. But the color rough for this series worked out alright for a painted over value-study.


Apr 14, 2014

Proof of Evolution

I mean...I think it's pretty clear, talking dinosaurs captured in the context of a Fauxlaroid speaking of a god figure on my computer monitor.

There's a lot going on here.


Apr 3, 2014

From Car Wrecks to Book Design

It's not too often I volunteer for pro-bono work but this job came about in quite a peculiar way. My wife and I a few years back were part of a hit-and-run that took place in front of a little league a block away from our house. One of the people who sat with my wife while I was pursuing the miscreants on foot worked for a local volunteer group called Urban Sparks.

 Unbeknownst to me at the time we'd volunteered in planting a trees and such for the Peak Park in our neighborhood the year before. We exchanged contact info and some time elapsed when Jack had contacted me about illustrating a brochure for a project called Service House. The idea being it would help sell the idea to people who had money and influence.

 So I illustrated and 18 page booklet with covers and such over the course of a month or two. It was interesting to say the least. But to be honest I don't think I'd sign up for that type of work anytime soon. Maybe it's not in my nature to be that giving. Or perhaps it was at the crossroads in my life when I'm looking at the start of my 40s and time is looking awfully precious. Who knows? It does cause one to reflect.

 Anyway, here are some of the cover designs that I came up with for this smallish square book. I'll post the interiors on my main site which you can see here.

Can you guess which cover they went with?


Mar 31, 2014

China Diaries: Roughing It

Sometimes it comes easy to me, other times it's hard. Either way, I really enjoy it because it combines my two favorite things; Design and Illustration. Especially when it comes to typography and and layout.
 This was for a friend's book a couple years ago.
 Even though we didn't go with any of these I still like this last one best of all. It may have too much of a political bent to it but I wanted it to feel somewhat noir. But the author ended up liking something else. Which, I can't blame him, he knows the material best, I just need to make whatever we come up to be fundamentally sound and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to see the finished one go here.

Mar 26, 2014

EON Media Group

There was a time, years ago when a friend and I were partnering together to open up a IP development  firm that would serve China. 

It was called EON MEDIA GROUP and I did a lot of the branding design work for our firm and the development of content. We had high hopes and big dreams to open up an animation school in China as well, to serve the Southeast Asian market, but it was a tough nut to crack. The one client we had was for a children's apparel company called Mr. Bird. They needed a new look and so we undertook the project. Ultimately, they never responded and our resources and patience by that time had waned. 

Four months of work just kind of fell by the way-side.

Some of the above work is by Edison Yan, the artist behind the look of Scribblenauts and other similar-looking games.


Mar 22, 2014

Valiant Concepts

 I guess I one point or another I did some concept design for a game called Valiant. Though I don't think it ever saw the light of day. It was fun playing in the 1950s sci-fi genre which seems to be what many people associate me with. I wonder why?


Looking over these again, I'm sure I had fun...


Mar 17, 2014

Old Ad or Something

I was actually pretty excited about the typesetter letters I found for this. I ended up hammering the embossed letter into a coffee table for an interesting effect.


Mar 13, 2014


 Hi. I'll be at the EMERALD CITY COMICON 2014 03.28-03.30 at table H-02. I'll have new sketchbooks to sell and some prints as well. Stop by say "Hello" and maybe grab a sketch! Looking forward to seeing you...all of you...even that creepy guy who wants people to draw fairies dripping in chocolate sauce!


Feb 18, 2014

Sketchbook No.3

Here's the cover...which I had to edit at the last minute. Sending it off so I can have books for Emerald City Comicon.


Feb 16, 2014

Some That Get Away...

I do a lot of thumbnails and somewhat fewer roughs for illustration projects. So much emphasis is placed on one piece of illustration that it warrants that level of searching.What's kind of fun about it is later seeing what might have been if one were to have gone in a different direction.

 On the other hand when I do sequential art, I really don't have the time to go through each permutation like the European artists do. But then again, they're only doing about one book a year. And what a book it is!